Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Skip Breakfast And Have An Adventure

We're skipping breakfast again.  I know you were expecting Mr. Willoughby to dazzle you with his cooking skills, but he doesn't feel like cooking today.  He wants to go skydiving.

Yesterday, a friend sent us a link to an article about a new place to skydive in Michigan.  When I clicked on the link, I was surprised to see a familiar face. We'll get to that in a minute.

You may recall that Mr. W started skydiving by taking a tandem jump a few years ago.  With a tandem jump, having a great instructor makes the difference between a fun experience and an amazing experience and Mr. W had Josh Sheppard; one of the best.  Josh is experienced, enthusiastic and passionate about skydiving.  Mr. W had such an amazing experience that he decided to take the AFF course (to learn to jump solo) before they were back on the ground.  

So back to that article, the familiar face I saw was Josh.  He and his brother Abe have started a new skydiving business in Owosso, Michigan called Skydive Owosso.  Both Josh and Abe have impressive credentials and were part of the skydiving team that set the Guiness Book of World Records largest wingsuit formation flight. They are open to all jumpers and have some fantastic tandem packages.  They're lots of fun, too!

Josh Sheppard

Abe Sheppard

I asked Josh if he had a good story about being a tandem instructor that I could share with you and he did.  It cracked me up and I think you'll enjoy it too:

One day a girl came out to Midwest (Midwest Freefall Sport Parachute Club). She booked a tandem for her and her boyfriend. We were in the small plane, Randy's 182. When I told her to get up so we could start getting ready, she starts crying hysterically!! It was hilarious and heartbreaking. We got hooked up after a group hug with the pilot! Lol. I was telling her everything is going to be fine and going over the instructions. The entire time with her crying her eyes out!! We jump with her crying through Freefall! I open the parachute and as we pleasantly fly through a clear blue sky on a perfect Michigan summer day, she is still crying... Trying to comfort and coddle her is not working! She isn't having fun which is becoming frustrating for me. By 1500 feet I need to start setting up to land. The girl is still freaking out and I yell "Hey!! This is fun!! Shut up and have a good time!!" She stopped crying and smiled immediately!! I couldn't believe it. All I had to do was tell her to "Shut up and have fun!"

See what I mean?  Having a great instructor makes all the difference, even if you are nervous.  I already told Josh that I'm planning to visit Skydive Owosso for a tandem jump next season (The anniversary skydive that I told you Mr. W and I were going to do didn't happen. Our anniversary was just a month after my dad passed away and I wasn't ready).    

Our son's girlfriend on her tandem jump
with Josh
If you've been thinking of crossing skydiving off your bucket list, you need to come and see them.  Even if you don't live in Michigan, you should make the trip.  You won't regret it.  I promise.  In fact, I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if you become addicted to skydiving like Mr. Willoughby.  And maybe me.

For more information about Skydive Owosso, visit their website or their Facebook page  We wish them great success with their new business and can't wait to visit!


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Bill Lisleman said...

The tandem approach makes sense to me. I'm not even close to the senior former President Bush age so I guess age is not a factor.
Funny story - there's no crying in tandem jumping.

Bill Lisleman said...

Hey since you left a comment on my post about comments I thought I would check back here. Do you think you were out of blogging for too long? Your regulars don't know you are back? I suggest doing a Friday Fragment post over at Mrs. 4444's blog this week. Sometimes you need to wave your blog around a little. Hope you don't mind suggestions.

Of course all this might be just fine with you and can understand that too.

Joanna Jenkins said...

Skydiving?!?!? Really, SKYDIVING!!!

Wow, you are a rockstar and so is Mr. W!

Josh sounds like a really fun guy who knows his business. I'm not sure I'd ever have the nerve to participate as I'm sure it would take far more to get me to "shut up and have fun!"


Hope all is well in your world. I was actually just back in Willoughby last week to visit my family. I made me think of you!

xo jj

Betty Manousos said...

Happy New Year!

here's wishing you and yours a healthy and joyous new year 2015!

Jenny said...

Hi you! How are you? I just came across a link to you while I was trying to clean out my computer a bit! It made me smile seeing your name so I thought I'd see what you're up to!