Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Trick or Treat, Smell My Feet....Is That A Dead Body On Your Porch?

Last year, our daughter decided she was too old for trick or treating so we started a new tradition of spending the evening around a fire in the backyard and handing out candy from the arbor that opens onto the sidewalk.  It's fun and gives us an opportunity to decorate more than just the front porch.

So once again, we roped off the front walkway with "Danger" tape and hung a sign directing the trick or treaters around the corner to the backyard (our house is on the corner).

We still wanted to have a Halloween display on the front porch, so we converted it into a morgue, complete with a dead body.

We placed our pumpkins along the route to the "Haunted Gate".

Last year, we had creature silhouettes peeking out the side windows.  This year, we opted for zombies, instead.  They were a big hit.  A group of boys stood on the sidewalk watching them to see if they would move.

It was chilly, in the 40's, so we stayed close to the fire when we weren't handing out candy.  We had our torches lit for some additional light.

We had Halloween themed music blasting and there were ghosts and bats strung across the backyard, fluttering and flying in the wind.    

When the evening was over, we had given out nearly 400 pieces of candy, but we still have quite a bit left.

How was your Halloween?