Saturday, January 25, 2014

Playing Catch Up With Blogging and Bucket Lists

Back in July, I tried to get back to blogging.  Considering this is my first post since then, I guess you could say that my return wasn't terribly successful. Blame it on timing, blame it on laziness....I don't know.  In any case, here I am, back again, trying one more time.

To help me decide on a topic to blog about, I went back and reread some of my older posts.  One that really jumped out at me was a post about Bucket Lists. Since the original post was written, I have, sadly, not crossed one thing off my list.  Mr. W, however, has now been skydiving.  He and our son started with tandem jumps and then took lessons to get their "A" licenses.  Wanna see? Here's Mr. W on his graduation jump.

Since the guys liked it so much, we gave our son's girlfriend a tandem jump gift certificate for her 20th birthday.  She loved it.  So now, even though when I wrote the original Bucket List post I said I was far too afraid of heights to ever go skydiving, I'm considering it.  Our 25th anniversary is coming up in April and we've considered jumping together to celebrate.  Well, sort of.  Mr. W can jump on his own, I would have to make mine a tandem jump with an instructor, but we could go up together.  We'll see....

Nothing on my original list has changed much, but I do make additions all the time.  There are so many places I'd like to go and so many things I'd like to do. How about you? Have you added anything to your Bucket List or crossed anything off?


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