Friday, March 30, 2012

Pondering Things Like Cat Litter, Canadian Music and Sea Monkeys

You know me, I'm always pondering something.  On my mind today:

Cat Litter - We don't have a cat anymore, so I haven't bought cat litter in a long time, but I was looking at a display of one popular brand at the store.  It comes in several varieties.  One is for instant odor control, another has maximum odor control for multiple cat homes and yet another is for long lasting odor control.  My question is, why all the different formulas?  Can't each one have instant, lasting, maximum odor control?  Has anyone ever wanted delayed, minimum, or short term odor control from their cat litter?

Grapefruit - Who came up with the name grapefruit?  They don't look like grapes or taste like grapes.

Cookies - What if we called them bakies instead?

Celebrity Endorsements - Do you think Beyonce stops at Rite Aid to grab a box of L'Oreal when her roots are showing?  Is Weight Watchers the reason Jennifer Hudson lost so much weight or could it have something to do with her personal trainer?

Regional Availability of Music - Our local Alternative Rock radio station broadcasts to both Michigan and Ontario, Canada, so they play songs from quite a few Canadian bands.  Ashes of Soma, Default, KO, Nickelback, Theory of a Deadman, Evans Blue, City and Colour, Billy Talent and My Darkest Days are just a few.  Do you hear them in your area or is it a regional thing?  (Scroll down to my player to hear these bands.  Be aware that some songs are not kid friendly.)

Sea Monkeys - How is it they can be dehydrated, stored for months, and then brought back to life by re-hydrating them?  Imagine if they could do that with other animals.  Farmers could buy their livestock online and have it shipped to them.  Of course, you would need a really big tank to re-hydrate something like a cow.    Would a dehydrated cow give powdered milk?

Pants - When did people start wearing pants?  First they wore nothing, then loincloths, then flowing gowns/robes and then, presumably, pants became the thing to wear.  Did they catch on right away?  Had underwear been invented by then?

Still pondering.......


Wednesday, March 28, 2012

That Will Wake You Up In The Morning

When I read the newspaper, I can't help but scan the obituaries and death notices.  Is that morbid?  I don't really think it is. It's not like I'm hoping any particular name will show up.

It isn't often that I find a death notice for someone I know well.  Once in a while I come across the parent of someone I went to high school with, or maybe a teacher I had or a former neighbor.  When a friend or relative dies, I always read their obituary, as well.  I'm not sure why.  It's just part of the process of accepting that someone is really gone, I suppose.

One morning a few years ago, I was casually scanning through the list of names when I came across one I immediately recognized.  My own.  I nearly did a spit take with my coffee because I was fairly certain I wasn't dead.  I think I may have even called my mom to confirm it.  Once the initial shock wore off and my blood began to circulate again, I read the entry.  The deceased woman was older than me and lived in a different town.  Our last name being fairly uncommon, I figured she must be a relative so I called Mr. W and asked him.  It turns out she was an aunt he hadn't seen in years.

I've often said any day above ground is a good day.  The same is true for any day you don't find your name in the obituaries.


Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Have You Heard From Me Lately?

If you received an email from me, lately, it probably wasn't from me.  Someone hacked my Yahoo email account and sent spam laced emails to all of my contacts.  I didn't even know about it until someone mentioned on Facebook that they had been receiving strange emails from me.  When I looked into my account history, I was shocked to see that my account had been accessed from several other states and countries.  I have no idea how it happened, but I hope I've put an end to it.

I did send out an email explaining the situation.  You should be able to tell it's from me (and not the hacker) by the heading which reads "My email was hacked, delete all recent emails from me".  Sorry about the confusion!

My hand is feeling better and I should be back to blogging very soon!