Wednesday, March 28, 2012

That Will Wake You Up In The Morning

When I read the newspaper, I can't help but scan the obituaries and death notices.  Is that morbid?  I don't really think it is. It's not like I'm hoping any particular name will show up.

It isn't often that I find a death notice for someone I know well.  Once in a while I come across the parent of someone I went to high school with, or maybe a teacher I had or a former neighbor.  When a friend or relative dies, I always read their obituary, as well.  I'm not sure why.  It's just part of the process of accepting that someone is really gone, I suppose.

One morning a few years ago, I was casually scanning through the list of names when I came across one I immediately recognized.  My own.  I nearly did a spit take with my coffee because I was fairly certain I wasn't dead.  I think I may have even called my mom to confirm it.  Once the initial shock wore off and my blood began to circulate again, I read the entry.  The deceased woman was older than me and lived in a different town.  Our last name being fairly uncommon, I figured she must be a relative so I called Mr. W and asked him.  It turns out she was an aunt he hadn't seen in years.

I've often said any day above ground is a good day.  The same is true for any day you don't find your name in the obituaries.



Pearl said...

I have ALWAYS read the obituaries, so you are not alone. Have discovered more than one person I've known, but never myself...

What a strange way that would be to start the day!


L.B. said...

Not sure if it's still true now because of the change in the newspaper industry but the obituaries have traditionally been one of the most-read sections of the newspaper. Crazy but people read those often. I scan them a lot and when I go a few days without doing so I wonder if I missed anything... or anyone I guess...

Nezzy said...

Kinda freaks ya out doesn't it??? The same thing happened to me several years ago. My first name is the unusual one. She too was much older.

It was sooo good to run into you today sweetie.

God bless ya and have yourself a blissful weekend!!! :o)