Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Am I So Out Of Touch That I Missed When Washing Your Hair Became Uncool?

While my husband and I were watching television a few nights ago, I noticed what I think is sort of an odd trend. We saw at least three different commercials for products that are meant to give you clean and/or frizz free hair for three days.  I've got to admit, I don't understand the concept.

This morning, I went to the website of one of these products and this is what it says, "When you don't wash, natural oils and impurities build up along the hair shaft, making strands look greasy and flat or dry and frizzy. This buildup weighs down your style and leaves hair feeling less than fresh and beautiful."  It also explains how the products work, "This unique collection is formulated with Mineral Clay to eliminate odor and remove buildup, Witch Hazel to absorb excess oil if your hair tends to be greasy, and Aloe Vera to rehydrate frizzy/dry hair. All of the products are infused with citrus extracts for ultimate refreshing benefits. Say hello to a fresh new day even when you skip shampooing!"  Their products come in four different forms: dry shampoo, creme, mist and foam. 

If you're trying to achieve fresh, beautiful hair, wouldn't it be just as easy to wash it with regular shampoo?   Having my hair look, feel and smell clean is important to me.  I can't recall a time that I thought to myself, "My hair is unclean. What can I do, other than wash it?"  If you're sick, bedridden or have no access to water, that's a different story.

I hope that shampoo (and clean hair, in general) isn't becoming uncool.  Personally, I love shampoo (and clean hair).  There are a few favorites that I buy most often, but my daughter and I have been known to spend twenty minutes or more smelling all of the different varieties at the store.  I especially like to smell the brands that cost $30 or more per bottle to see if they smell superior to the under $5 variety (to me they don't).

If shampoo does become uncool, what's next?  Dry showers with powdered soap?



5thsister said...

hee hee hee...dry showers with powdered soap. you're killing me here!

La Gitana said...

HA HA HA HA! ME TOO! Dry, powdered soap...do you think astronauts use them? here's a thought...how do THEY shower and wash their hair in zero gravity! I totally am in agreement though, I just LOVE when my hair is fresh, clean, shiny and smells wonderful! ;)

***Holly*** said...

My colorist has told me to only wash every three days or so. I can do every other day but, honestly, my hair never looks as good on the second day. P.S. Loving the image of dry showers!

Matty said...

I can't remember the last time I used shampoo. I wonder why.

Chicago Mom said...

I think that if you have hair extensions or colored hair you aren't supposed to wash every day, so maybe it is aimed toward them? I am with you, I love new shampoos and conditioners!

Holly said...

I have long used baby powder for this effect. I mostly wash my hair every other day and that is to preserve color - the hair lady told me so! On that note, I love nothing more than the fresh clean scent of freshly washed hair - nothing beats it! Of course, I also grew up in the 8's when you had to wash all of that sticky gel out of your hair every night.

Joanna Jenkins said...

I'm with you Willoughby. Clean hair works for me and I wash it 4-5 times a week. But I know people who can go longer and still have nice looking hair. It's the folks who SHOULD be washing their hair and don't bother that really bug me ;-)
Cheers, jj