Monday, June 13, 2011

Musical Suggestion Box

We spend a lot of time outside in the summer.  Whether we're doing yard work, swimming, or just hanging out, we've almost always got music playing.  During the daytime our music of choice is usually alternative or rock.  At nighttime, we like to slow things down a little and listen to something more mellow.  The problem is, we've been listening to the same playlist for a long time.  I need to add some new selections to it but I keep drawing a blank when I try to think of what that would be.   

Sometimes there will be a small group of people having coffee and dessert and we need some relaxed after dinner music.  The age range could be anywhere from children to grandparents, so there would be a vast array of musical tastes.

Other times, it's just Mr. Willoughby and me, sitting at the bar enjoying a glass of wine.  We'll usually have dozens of candles lit, so the setting is rather romantic, but we're not necessarily looking for love songs or romantic music.  Just something a little slower paced.

We have pretty eclectic musical tastes.  Good music is good music, regardless of the artist or genre, so most anything mellow would work.  At the bottom of this page, I've included a mini sample version of our playlist to give you an idea of what we've been listening to you.  There's a little bit of blues with John Mayer, some old school Frank Sinatra, a contemporary twist from Adele, mixed with some light Matt Nathanson, Colin Hay, Foreigner and Sting.  The Eagles Hotel California is a summer tradition, Santana and Rob Thomas because they're so Smooth and Staind because I can't bring myself to have a playlist that doesn't include a little Aaron Lewis.

From here, I'm leaving it to you to drop some fantastic ideas in my musical suggestion box.  Whatcha got?     



Holly said...

When we're cooking out in the summer, I like what I consider "beach music". Not quite sure how to describe it...Jimmy Buffett has a channel on Siruis XM that I like to turn on for such occasions. :)

Liz in Virginia said...

I love to listen to retro Latin music (like Tito Puente)as well as newer "Latin lounge" music. We happened across a great world music collection called "Brasiliero" that we love to listen to. I like Pink Martini, too! Sometimes a little Bruce Springsteen and Dire Straits is necessary. And on Sirius XM, I am loving the Coffeehouse channel.

Betty Manousos@ Cut and Dry said...

those are great music choices! i love mostly Frank Sinatra; he's really great! Bruce Springsteen as well.

big hugs!


Joanna Jenkins said...

That's a good list, Willoughby. How about a little Jamie Cullum, Dave Matthews or Hall & Oats???

xo jj

Jenny said...

I was going to say Jimmie Buffet but someone already did. Abba?

My Farmhouse Kitchen said...

oh oh...i'm a country girl...give me some rascal flats !!!!!