Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Do You Do It?

Do it yourself, that is!

In this house, we're all about DIY projects.  There is an immense sense of satisfaction for us in taking something and turning it into something else.  Or starting from scratch and ending up with something you've visualized.

A few years ago, we found this door at our local Habitat for Humanity store.  It was dirty and beat up, but it had its original hardware (love, love, love original hardware) and it was the perfect size for our office.  

We had two pieces of leaded glass that were given to us by one of Mr. W's friends, and we wanted to use one in this door.  We had a little retrofitting and some painting to do, but  here's what that door looks like now:

As you can see in the picture, our office is a pretty narrow room.  There was no way we were going to be able to use pre made furniture and get a good fit, so the window seat and the bookcases were also DIY projects.

For the bookcases, we purchased unfinished wall cabinets (base cabinets would have been too deep) and mounted them on a base to lift them up high enough to use the same baseboard trim we used in the rest of the room.  We built the shelves separately and then installed them on top of the cabinets.  After that, we primed and painted and then added trim and hardware.  They give us a lot of storage for such a small room.

The window seat doubles as a guest bed.  Underneath the cushion, we installed the top of the frame from a cot (the kind you would take camping).  It acts like a box spring would in a bed.  There is more "give" to the cushion/mattress than there would be if it were sitting on a solid piece of wood.  It's very comfortable.  We ordered the foam and had it cut to our specs at a local shop.  I made the slip cover.   The niches underneath have storage bins.

Most of the decorating in the room is DIY, too.  The art on the back wall, above, is a collection of artwork my kids have done over the years, as well as some photos my son and I have taken.  Most of the frames are from the thrift store.  They were all different colors.  I spray painted them all black.

The desk is more a matter of repurposing.  It's an antique sideboard that belonged to my grandma.  I've thought about refinishing it, but I kind of like the flaws it has.  The pictures on the desk, all but the heart shaped frame, are thrift store frames spray painted black.  The doorknob?  We found it laying around somewhere in the house when we moved here.  I just like it.

On the wall next to the door, I have a really special piece of DIY artwork.  It was given to me by a fellow blogger, Joanna at The Fifty Factor.  She's from the real town of Willoughby and picked up this poster for me (along with some other goodies) at a festival.  I matted and framed it in, you guessed it, a spray painted frame from the thrift store.

I didn't want to display my collection of paperbacks in the bookcases, so those are in an old suitcase (I heart old suitcases) on top of the armoire in our bedroom.

There are quite a few more painted frames around the house with family pictures and photographs Mr. W. and I have taken.

Painting frames and accessories black is a simple way to create a cohesive look.  I found a pair of bookends (um, yeah, thrift store, again) that were shiny gold.  I loved the shape and the weight, but the gold wasn't my taste.  I sprayed them with black spray paint, but intentionally left a little gold peeking through.

You would think I had gone through dozens of cans of spray paint, but I only used three or four to paint everything I've shown, plus a half dozen more things that I haven't shown.  I really like the kind that is primer and paint in one.

When I can't spray paint something, I can screenprint it.  This was a leftover piece of deck board.  I white washed it and then Mr. W. and I screenprinted it.

We've done lots of projects around here and I have ideas for lots more.  How about you?  Do you do it yourself?


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bill lisleman said...

You certainly like black frames. That redone door looks great. So the two of you worked on placing the leaded glass in it? I've done very little work with glass. It seems too easy to make a mistake.
My electronic hobby is DIY but other than making a few youtube clips and showing the gadgets to the grandkids the end results don't last long. I have fun wiring up Halloween decorations.
Big DIY projects like putting in a hardwood or tile floor always has the learning curve problem.

Joanna Jenkins said...

Wow, wow, wow! You weren't kidding when you said DIY!

I am VERY impressed with your workmanship and decorating taste. And, of course, I love the Willoughby poster ;-) Thanks for the shoutout. I'm so glad you were able to use it.

The repurposed door is truly amazing!!! It's gorgeous and perfect for your office space. I love how it brings the light in and how you maximized the space so well.

If you ever run out of DIY projects at your house, you're welcome to come to mine.

xo jj

Liz in Virginia said...

I love DIY projects too. We have built a fireplace mantel, put in swinging french doors, replaced baseboards, and installed an office area in our kitchen.

The danger at my house, though, is that we/I/he will get started enthusiastically on a project and then run out of steam -- or some more immediately pressing task steps in the way, or we get bogged down in some minute detail of the project that seems to have defeated us. So we have half-finished projects lying all over the house.

And -- we're lazy. So we will sit around drinking coffee, talking about all the projects we could/should/would be doing, and then we think about how much work it will take, and we decide to have another cup of coffee instead.