Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tuesday Tidbits

A little bit of this and a little bit of that.....

"Mom, is my cheese supposed to be glowing?"

Ever since my last post, I've been thinking about that mysterious radioactive kitchen utensil.  I wondered if I could be using it in my kitchen or if you could be using it in yours.  Since I don't have a Geiger counter, I embarked on some extensive research (which means I spent 2 seconds Googling it) to find out what this mysterious utensil was.

It turns out that it is a cheese grater.  For the full story, click here

A Few Personal Notes

To the teenage boy driving past my street this morning - Slow down!  The speed limit in residential areas is 25.  If I had pulled out of my street a second sooner, you would have hit me.

To the teenage boy at the intersection near the elementary school this morning - Learn right of way.  It was my turn to pull out and I had to slam on the breaks to keep you from hitting me.

To the guy driving the big truck at school this morning - There are plenty of parking spaces.  You don't need to accelerate and swerve around me while I am backing into a space.  You almost hit a woman walking through the parking lot.

To the woman who blocks traffic to drop her daughter off at school - The world doesn't revolve around you.

Spring Is In The Air And It's Creating A Dilemma

Now that spring is here, I find that I have less time to spend in front of the computer. Whether I'm doing some spring cleaning or just want to be outside enjoying a warm day, I'm not spending as much time on my blog. I don't think I'm the only one, I've noticed fewer comments and fewer new posts on many blogs. Sadly, a few of my favorite bloggers have even decided to call it quits.

When I do have some spare time, I'm struck with a dilemma. Do I catch up on other's blogs or work on my own? If I read and comment on other blogs, I run out of time to post on mine. If I write a new post for my blog, I run out of time to read and comment on others. I never seem to have time to do both, lately.

Does anyone else run into this problem? How do you handle it?


lisleman said...

you have the same idiot drivers up by you?

blogging - so many people get started and then just stop. It is tough to stay at it but if it stopped being fun I would quit too. I don't even get as many comments as you.
My advice (you did ask?) is to slow down the posts if you're getting burned out but keep reading mine (you have at least once I think).
Seriously it should be fun and a stress reliever.

L.B. said...

Not sure what's going on but it seems there's been a big slowdown in blogs around the blogosphere. Maybe it's the transition into springtime or the nicer weather some parts of the country have been having that people have been taking advantage of, who knows?, but I've noticed it, and judging by your one (now two) comments, it seems as if it isn't a fluke.

I'd say to concentrate on your own blog. I really do look forward to your blog posts, and would rather read a full blog post of yours than a comment of yours on my blog (although in a perfect world I'd take both).

This is just my busy time with work so I may take a day off from blogging here and there.

Matty said...

Put someone behind the wheel of a car, and they become very impatient.

As for blogging, I have the same problems. I just don't have the time anymore for everything it requires. I'm posting about once a week, and barely getting around to reading and commenting. I even sense that I'm losing interest in it.

Kimberly said...

I think concentrate on your blog. If you get around to commenting, then great...if not, oh well.

It seems we are all going through something at all times. My blog is a little stress reliever, so I don't need the thing that helps me unwind causing me more stress!

Hope everything gets done at your house too.

Kathleen said...

Blogging is very time consuming! I originally was posting a lot more. I would scream at everyone to not touch anything that I just cooked so that I could get photos for my blog. I tried to time dinners to be ready around when I thought the lighting was going to be best. It was ridiculous! LOL. I started not enjoying it. Then I started posting twice a week, photographing the next day and peace and sanity returned! I love visiting other blogs so I do it as much as I can. ;) Yikes that cheese grater story totally freaks me out!!!

Cynthia@RunningWithLetters said...

First of all, I love the new look around here :)

And as far as blogging--I put my little old blog online in 2005 and have been through many phases, like the early years when I thought you just posted and people magically found you, to being confused and disappointed when that didn't happen, to letting it lie dormant,to reading and studying other blogs to figure out how it's done, to going through an obsessive phase similar to what Kathleen described above, to finally realizing that if I am to be in it for the long haul (which the intervening five years would seem to indicate) that it just has to be about enjoying it for your own reasons. I'm discovering a happy balance between reading and posting works best for me. If I crave writing, then I write. If I find myself missing connections with bloggers I have grown to enjoy, then I make visits like the one I'm on now :)

Don't stress--enjoy blogging, but certainly not at the expense of the great outdoors and real life. Those whith whom you have made true connections will stick with you through all of your blogging phases.

Holly said...

You should see our school...they have close doff all of our parking lots and made the pull through one lane...I hope we make it through the next 27 days without a serious injury...seriously.

As for the blogging...I hear ya loud and clear. I have not caught up, but I continue to post because I like it is makes me happy to write and create. I do not hold it against anyone for not stopping by, etc. we all have regular lives. I am working on finding a better balance.