Friday, January 2, 2009

Random "Scentimental" Tips

I just can't resist adding a few more "Scentimental" tips before I move on to bigger and better (or at least different) subject matter. I hope you'll find them useful!
  • Extra special gift giving - Store your tissue paper in a plastic storage container with a tight fitting lid along with a few scented votive candles. Be sure there is a layer of plastic wrap or foil between the candles and tissue so you don't end up with stains. After a week or so, the tissue paper will take on the smell of the candles. Use your scented paper in gift bags or boxes (not recommended for food gifts).
  • Having a party or an open house - You can't use this tip to disguise a dirty bathroom, but you can make a clean bathroom seem extra fresh before company arrives. Fill the bathroom sink with water and about a half cup of liquid cleaner. Let it sit until just before your guests arrive, then drain and rinse the sink (this works to make toilets fresh, too. It may take a few flushes to get rid of the bubbles.). Realtors use this trick when showing a house. FYI - I've read that lemon is the most universally enjoyed scent of cleaners.

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