Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Big Bully

I looked at the calendar this morning and noticed that it was January.  Still.  Like a house guest who has overstayed his welcome, January keeps hanging around.  Of all winter months, it is by far the rudest.

November is considered the beginning of winter around here.  While technically still fall, November is the month that ushers in colder temperatures and the first snow of the season.  Even so, I don't dislike November because it has fairly good manners.  It only sticks around for thirty days and rewards us with a holiday based, mostly, around food and football.  Even if your Thanksgiving get together doesn't turn out well, it's an extra day off work, right?  Maybe even a long weekend.  You have to give November points for that.

December isn't bad, either.  There are so many things to keep you busy that it usually flies by.  With all of the holiday shopping, decorating and partying, you almost wish December had a few extra days.  The holidays may promise more than they deliver, but, December never does. 

February is the most polite month of them all, in my opinion.  It doesn't stick around very long, humorously looks to a groundhog for prognostication and midway through, it rewards us with a holiday that celebrates love and chocolate.  What's not to like?

March marks the beginnning of spring.  Buds start to appear on trees and tender green shoots bravely poke their heads out of the ground.  Warm or cold, rain or snow, March is a month of optimism.  Even when it doesn't feel like spring, you know it's coming.  It may be fickle, but you've got to give kudos to March.

That brings us back to January.  We celebrate it's arrival every year with parties, champagne and fireworks.  Crowds gather to watch a giant ball drop to mark the very second it appears.  No wonder it has a superiority complex.  January knows that it can behave as despicably as it likes and we will still welcome it when it comes back next year.  I can't wait to say good riddance to it, the big bully.

Five more days....



abby jenkins said...

HAHAHA that is priceless.

January, five more days of this snowbound haze. Literally. It is supposed to snow here until Saturday.

What a great post, I laughed through the whole thing.

Joanna Jenkins said...

January has not been kind with all the snow-- But I love how you describe February as "polite" because it's a short month. I always dreaded Feb. when I lived in the midwest because it seemed to drag on forever and was either brutally cold or full of dirty melting snow.

Regardless-- This was a fun post. I'm hoping January goes out like a lamb and Feb. and Mar. are a well-deserved walk in the park compared to January.

Stay warm. xo jj

Raoulysgirl said...

I am SOOOO with you on this! I can't wait to give January a big, fat kick in the pants! Come on spring!!!!!

Jenny said...

And I am digging in my heels thinking January can never end here in the low desert!

I'm dreading the heat this year!

Kellyansapansa said...

Oh boy, we're currently experiencing heatwaves where I live in Oz. I'm not sure I'd want to swap though!

Jenn Erickson said...

My friend, I love the way you think (and write)! I agree, January can afford to get knocked down a few pegs! I'm so glad that February is here. I feel the pace slowing already. Whew!