Monday, January 17, 2011

Not Exactly A Bucket List

This afternoon, Mr. Willoughby and I were making a verbal "bucket list".  Well, sort of.  We weren't so much making a list of things we want to do before we die, as much as places we would like to go if we had the time and money to travel.  Our list included the typical places you'd expect; Paris, London, the pyramids of Egypt, Tuscany (where we would visit my friend Elvira), the Swiss get the idea.

Next, we talked about places we would like to travel right here in the U.S., and from there, places we would like to go closer to home in Michigan.  We tried to think of all the "must see" Michigan attractions so we could rule out any that we've already visited.  Sadly, we couldn't think of very "must sees" in our own home state.  We ended up resorting to a Google search.

Once we had a list of cities and attractions staring us in the face, we remembered how many great things there are to see and do, here.  There were some surprises, too.  Places we hadn't heard of that we added to our list.  This summer, we're hoping to revisit our "Cheap Thrills" day trip challenge and, perhaps, include a few weekend trips.  The term "camping" was even mentioned (remember me, the germophobe with minor OCD who hates spiders and bugs?).

My question to you, blog friends, is what are the "must sees" in your state?  Whether the state you grew up in or the state you currently live in, what should I be sure to see and do if I visit?  From restaurants, museums, and tourist attractions to natural wonders, I want to know so I can add them to our not-quite Bucket List.



My Farmhouse Kitchen said...

san many wonderful restaurants...berkeley...alice waters restaurant chez panisse...a don't miss...Hearst Castle...i worked in the gift shop a zillion years ago... when we lived in Cambria..just a few minutes south of the Castle..BIG SUR !!! HAVE to add BIG SUR to the list...L.A. i guess...just cause it is L.A. i don't like L.A. though...

and you have to go over the Golden Gate bridge..and head up to Napa...wonderful any time of year...

Lake Tahoe...beauutiful...anytime of year too...

i'll let that soak in for now :-)

still hot here....we don't know why ...very strange

happy to visit here today, my friend


L.B. said...

Will have a more comprehensive list for you (I'm at the beach still, well, at an ice cream shop across the street) but I agree with San Francisco, the bridge, and Hearst Castle which is on the coast a few hours north of LA. You could do a lot worse than to spend a couple of days in Cambria. Beautiful place, though probably not a cheap thrill.

***Holly*** said...

Washington D.C. - People come from all over the world to see the museums. And there are alot! Naturally, since we're here, we never go. Isn't that the way it always works? :)

Joanna Jenkins said...

The first time I went to Yosemite in northern CA I was thirteen and living in Ohio. We'd travels cross country seeing the sights and when we got there I thought it was the most beautiful place i'd ever seen... I still do.

So to answer your question-- Yosemite is the "must see" place in California... and if you happen to drive up the coast to get there, all the better :-)

Cheers, jj

Holly said...

I really want to travel the US and see all the amazing things there are to see here. I loved that show The Great American Road Trip - love that stuff!

My state...well I live in one of those areas...The Monetery Peninsula - the original capital of California (tons of history here), world class aquarium, amazing coastline, Big Sur (beyond amazing views of the Pacific and have a drink in the middle of the river), continue down the coast to Hearst Castle and then the central valley wine country...or go north from here to Napa and wine country.

Of course L.A. - a little bit of everything including the wacky!

elvira pajarola said...

Carissima Willoughby...oh, I hope your Travel-Dreams will come true...!

...and you know, if ever you would go to Floence or Siena or Volterra or Siena just give me a call and I'll be there!!!!

Oh, dear; I travelled for so many years the whole entire big Globe; for work and not so much for fun and vacation; but it was so wonderful and travelling has enriched my life so much!

But I still have some dream-vacation in my mind: I'd love to discover more the north of Europe like Norwegen! Itìs spectacular; I've been there but I'd love to spend a real loooong time there: perhaps a month....but right now I am just dreaming...!

ciao ciao elvira

Jenn Erickson said...

What a wonderful way to spend some quality time with your husband! I hope all your travel bucket-list wishes will someday be fulfilled! I love the fact that you discovered some treasures in your own area, as a result of the discussion. If you ever visit the Monterey Peninsula here in Central California, here are some of my favorite spots:

1) Drive the Big Sur Coast. Stop at the River Inn where you can pull a bent willow branch chair right up in to the river and eat lunch and sip your cocktail while your feet dangle in the cool water.
2) Explore Pacific Grove, the little Victorian village where I live. Take a walk along the rec trail that takes your from Pacific Grove to Monterey, right along the ocean.
3) Visit Carmel-by-the-Sea. Have lunch at Petals & Pastries, and be sure to visit The Carmel Cheese Shop in Carmel Plaza to stock up on a picnic dinner of cheeses, gourmet foods and wine. Pack your picnic basket and head to the Outdoor Forest Theater to enjoy some musical theater.
4) Take a tour of the historic adobes in Monterey.
5) Visit the Carmel Mission.
6) For a total splurge, that's 100% worth it, have dinner at Marinus, the restaurant inside Bernardus Lodge in Carmel Valley.

I'm sure I've left off a ton, but it's a start!

Jenny said...

We make these lists and then we lose them. There's a cool TV show here called Arizona Highways and we also subscribe to a magazine by that name.

Right now the only thing on our list is a historic hotel in Windslow Arizona. Where I shall try to find a flat-bed Ford to drive for a few minutes!