Thursday, June 18, 2009

Let The Games Begin!

I love games. Board games, card games, online games, video games, I love them all. In the summertime, especially, I love to sit on the back porch and play games. We have a good sized collection of them, but I like to add to it whenever I can. Last year at the flea market, I spotted a Monopoly game in the 50 cent box of one of the vendors. When I paid for it, he told me to take the other game he had, too, at no charge. It turned out to be Clue. I was prepared for some missing pieces, but both games were complete. Not at bad deal for 50 cents!

Some of my favorite games are Scrabble and Battleship. I'm partial to Trivial Pursuit, too, although we can never get through a game without one of us making reference to the episode of Wings where Lowell thinks the answer to every question is Ann Margret. Have you ever seen it?

We used to invite friends over to play cards. We would usually play Texas Hold Em, but once in a while we would play Euchre. I am seriously the world's worst Euchre player. I seem to remember a friend of ours begging to have any partner other than me!

It's early in the season, but soon we will be putting up our 12 foot movie screen in the backyard and playing video games on it. You wouldn't believe how hard Pacman becomes when you play it in that format. The Wii is a riot, too. Wii Sports and the carnival games were our favorites last year.

Yesterday, my husband and I played a few games of chess before dinner. Mr. Willoughby has been playing since he was a teenager, but I only learned to play a year or two ago. If we haven't played in a while, I need him to explain the rules of the game to me all over again. Needless to say, I always lose. Chess is a game of honor so I don't expect Mr. W. to go easy on me or let me win and he doesn't. It's frustrating, though, that I can never catch him off guard or out strategize him. When he was celebrating one of his victories last night, I told him that an experienced player like he is winning against a novice like I am is similar to an adult beating up a kindergartner. Okay, maybe it's not quite that bad, but I can't let him get too cocky.


According to my survey, the majority of you do re-visit the comment section of blogs to read answers to questions and additional comments. Now that I know that, I will make every effort to respond to the comments you leave for me. I love the feedback I get from all of you and I'm always glad to have you drop by my little corner of the blogosphere.


Rachel said...

My husband and I love to play games, too...we used to play board games all of the time, before we had the kids--especially Yahtzee! You had me reminiscing a bit with this post :) I would really like to learn how to play Euchre and Chess! We just bought Nintendo Wii as an anniversary gift to one another and have had fun playing with that, as well!

Purple Flowers said...

You reminded me how many board games we have, and don't play. That's it, I am pulling them out, and we're going to open them up again.
Your screen sounds awesome.

ChristineM said...

Best board game memory for me was when my husband lost (and I mean LOST!) at Monopoly...and his 6 year old niece won! "Uncle Steve landed on my Boardwalk...and I have a hotel on it...Is that a good thing?" Hehehe! My husband cheats, so it served him right!

Chicago Mom said...

I am just happy that my daughter has finally moved beyond Candyland; if I had to play that game one more time I would poke my own eyes out. Thankfully she has moved on to Sorry! and some card games like Crazy 8 and Go Fish.

Willoughby said...

Rachel - I forgot about Yahtzee! We haven't played that in a long time. I love chess, but I don't think I'll ever be good at Euchre.

Purple Flowers - You should definitely get your games out and play them! So much fun!

Christine - How funny! Your husband is probably still trying to live that one down!

Chicago Mom - My daughter loved Candyland, too. She's nine, now, and she's a killer Pictionary player. I'd like to start teaching her chess. My son learned when he was about that age. He's 16 now and he's a great chess player.

Slices of Beauty... said...

As a child played monopoly daily.
It ignited my love for property investment.

Beautiful post.

Raoulysgirl said...

My sister and I are game fanatics!!! It works out really well now that we live next to each other. Our kids don't like to play with us anymore because we take them WAY to seriously! We like all the classics and some of the newer stuff too...but cards we LOVE!!!! Any card game...anytime!!! In fact, we played a game just this morning that my granny taught us when we were younger. I don't know what the "correct" name of it is, but my family calls it "son of a gun" (the adults sometimes improvise the last word). Card games RULE!!!