Friday, June 12, 2009


Words fascinate me. I enjoy everything about them. I love reading, writing and especially word puzzles. I've even developed a habit (obsession) with finding anagrams in written words.

This morning I was playing an online anagram game and one of the words that came up was nuder (not to be confused with neuter). This word is real head scratcher for me. Doesn't the word nude mean to be unclothed? How, exactly, can one person be more nude than another? I thought I might be overlooking another definition so I looked it up on an online dictionary site. It was listed as an adjective for nude. It stands to reason, then, that if one could be nuder, one could be nakeder, don't you think? No such luck. The next time you visit a nude beach or resort, it might be helpful to know that some sun bathers may be nuder than others, but certainly not nakeder.

While you are visiting this nude resort, could you call yourself a nudiustertian? Probably not. The word nudiustertian means pertaining to the day before yesterday. So if you were talking about being nuder the day before yesterday, you could use it. Exactly how much time are you spending at this nude resort, anyway?

Let's move on to absquatulate. Doesn't that sound like something you should do behind a bush while camping? As in "I don't think the roasted hot dogs agreed with me, I've got to find a place to absquatulate". In reality it means to flee or depart in a hurry, which you may need to do if the hot dogs aren't setting well.

Could you tell someone that you needed to madefy your hallux without blushing? It does sound rather suggestive, but it means to moisten (madefy) your big toe (hallux). Of course, why would you need to moisten your big toe? I'll leave that for you to decide.

Spanghew is another word that leaves me wondering. It means to cause a frog or toad to fly up in the air. Does this happen so frequently that it needed a special word to describe it? Perhaps there is a place where it's a common occurrence and it became easier to point and yell "spanghew!" than to say "look at that frog or toad being caused to fly up in the air!". Who knows?

Do you know anyone who is a omphalopsychite? If you do, they probably spend a lot of time in the bathroom. An omphalopsychite is a person who contemplates their navel. That's a hobby I really don't want to know any more about.

I'll be back tonight to open the bar, try not to develop dipsomania (an uncontrollable craving for alcohol). Until then, see how many of these words you can use in conversation!


Chicago Mom said...

That was really funny! You certainly have a way with words - what a terrific post!

5thsister said...

Okay...that made my brain hurt, what with everything else that's going on right now. I'll have to sit down and re-read your post when I'm not in a hurry to head out to work!

ChristineM said...

LOL! I always get a kick out of the "verifications" you have to type in, like when you post comments on blogs....sometimes they're real, and sometimes they're made up (or I'm just really vocabulary-challenged!)

ChristineM said...

Like just now - "motter". Is that "one who motts"? And what's "mott"? Oh see, now you have ME going!! ;)