Saturday, October 10, 2009

Welcome Back To The Cocktail Party!

Welcome to Willoughby's Blog Style Cocktail Party. I hope you will find some new blogs to follow and expand your circle of blog friends. I know you're all anxious to mingle, so I'll get right to it.

I'd like to introduce Kathy and Seashell from the blog Two Hands Full Of Daisies. I know you'll enjoy their blog as much as I do.

Kathy is a Mom of three and has had the privilege of being a SAHM while working part-time in the family business. She is almost through with the Mom phase of her life and, as her kids leave home, she is looking forward to a very different life. Times are changing...very quickly! She loves J. Crew, living on Cape Cod and dreams of being an athlete one day!

Seashell is a fabulous 15 year old and will be commenting right along with her mum. She's on her way to being a sophmore and she's excited :). She love love LOVES to row and does it three out of the four seasons. She's also going to be a C.I.T. (counselor in training) at her camp, which she is SOOOOO pumped for! She loves little kids and hopes to be a teacher, so she's working on that for her future! Yay :)

Kathy says:

Seashell, Mother-in-Law and I took the ferry to Nantucket today. We took the 9:10 fast ferry and were there in an hour. MIL is a bit older and did not want to spend too much time there so we shopped for an hour, ate for an hour and shopped for another hour! We were back home by 3:00 with few purchases. I only got one tee, but (as usual) Seashell came home with a few goodies! Here we are before getting on the ferry:

As usual, I forgot to take anymore pictures during the outing. We had a nice lunch at The Brotherhood of Thieves. The waiter gave us bum advise on the size of the portions and we ended up with way too much food. We wanted to share a cheese plate, but he said that it was very small so Seashell and I each ordered the cheese and an appetizer. I had the fried calamari and Seashell had the conch fritters. It turned out that the cheese plate was enough for the three of us and now we had two! The calamari app was HUGE. We didn't finish any of it. After a little rest we are headed to the beach!

Seashell says:

Mum's right, we ordered wayy too much food! Plus I didn't really like the conch fritters, I thought they were too spicy, so we brought them home for dad to eat. We also stopped to get some fudge at Aunt Leah's! I usually don't eat all that much of it but I saw some vanilla m&m fudge that looked deliciousss.

And of course, I returned home with a few new things! :D When we were browsing the Life Is Good store mum bought me a sweatshirt blanket that has Nantucket rowing on it. It's sooooo warm and comfy!!!
While we were in the book shop, me and mum were looking at a book we thought was cute, so we got that too. "The Girl's Book of Excellence".

Also there was a small beachy shop that I loveddd and they had those bach signs that say cute things. I've like, alwaysss wanted one of those and I point them out every time I see one, so I got a sign too! YAY! The one I got says "on island time". I love it :-). While we were walking aroung the shops, my grandma also decided to get me a gift as well, so I got to pick out a sweatshirt to buy. I got a white and red guard sweatshirt.

Here is the sign hanging in my room:

All in all, our trip to Nantucket this year was a lot of fun, and it was nice to hang out with my mum and grandma. Though, we could have taken more pictures! hehe :P

Thank you Kathy and Seashell for being guests on my blog.

The cocktail party will continue on Monday with a new guest blogger. It's not too late to RSVP if you haven't already. You can send your submission to me at I would appreciate it if you could send me your post in html format. If you are submitting a new post, create it on Blogger as you would any post. Save, but don't publish it. From there you can click "edit html" and copy and paste your blog into the body of an email. If you are submitting a previously published post, go into "edit" and follow the same instructions. This makes it much easier for me to display your blog post the way you have written it and saves me a lot of editing. If you have any questions, feel free to email me.



5thsister said...

It was very nice to meet the two of you! My daughter is about the same age as Seashell so I could very well relate to you, Kathy! I'll be sure to check out your blog.

elvira pajarola said...

Interesting and really nice....!
I am looking forward to meet other guests of yours!!!!!!
thank you so much for having taken a look at my TUSCANY! I loved it and see you very soon!!!!!
have a wonderful weekend!
ciao elvira

Chicago Mom said...

Nice to meet you! What a wonderful multi-generational trip. You are very lucky to have each other! I will be checking out your blog for sure.

Lissaloo said...

What a wonderful day! It was nice meeting you both, I envy you living so close to the beach :)

Purple Flowers said...

How very nice to meet you, Kathy and Seashell. I wish I was only a ferry ride to Nantucket. I've been there twice, and loved it! And Martha's Vineyard is fabulous too.
It seems like you had alot of fun, and Seashell, you did well my dear, with your shopping! Thanks for introducing yourselves.

Holly said...

Thanks for continuing on with the Cocktail Hour. Another great blog to check out. THANKS!


PS There is something for you on my blog.

Holly @ 504 Main

Matty said...

It's always nice to meet new people and see new blogs.

I love shopping at Life is Good. I really like their stuff and have a number of clothing items with their logo.

Kathy said...

Thanks Willoughby! We were thrilled to be part of your cocktail party. We will now accept our party favor! Thanks to everyone for all of your kind comments!

Joanna Jenkins said...

"On Island Time" I like that a lot.

Donna-FFW said...

Enjoying your cocktail party, so nice to read about other bloggers. Nice to meet them both.

BashfulToast said...

I love how you both talked on the blog. That's so smart! Nice to meet you both.=]

Amy said...

Kathy & Seashell are the best! I love their blog. Kathy is sweet, smart, funny, the kindest person, a proud and loving mom and a wonderful blogger.

Seashell is adorable, funny, smart, so sweet, creative and a great blogger. I love to visit their blog & read their posts. Their day trip to Nantucket is one of my favorite of their posts.

They are a wonderful addition to your cocktail party!

Charisse and Holly said...

I think it is great how you highlight these great blogs. I enjoy her blog too. Have a great weekend. Holly at

kyslp said...

Nice to meet you! Your post makes me long for the beach. (Then again, I'm always longing for the beach a little bit.)

Kathy said...

Thanks for all your nice comments! We enjoy Willoughby so much and it has been so nice to meet so many new people!