Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Bar Was Open......

Were you wondering why the bar didn't open last night? Actually, it did. We were having Mexican food for dinner so Mr. Willoughby made some margaritas. These were new recipes, one was a coconut margarita and the other was a cranberry/raspberry margarita. They were very pretty, see?

So why didn't I post the recipes? Because they were awful!! The coconut margarita was way too heavy on the lime, it was all you could taste. The cranberry/raspberry margarita was weak and watery.

We dumped them down the drain. Mr. Willoughby had a Mexican beer and I had a Coke (no recipes necessary). It was still a beautiful night, though. Look what we spotted in the sky, just over the trees:

It was spectacular. Just above it was another rainbow, but it was too faint to capture in a picture.
I was planning to post a bonus Saturday Night Drink to make up for last night, but I've been too busy working on a project to decide on a recipe. I'll share some pictures of the project in an upcoming post. For now, I need to go wash out my paint tray!
Happy Saturday, everyone!!


L.B. said...

Sol is hands down my favorite beer. Awesome!

5thsister said...

after working 4 out of the last 5 days (12 hour shifts) I so could have used one of those margarhitas...limey or watery, I could care less. I needed some serious help winding down from a very busy and stressful stretch! I ended up having a beer instead and it put me right to sleep!