Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Happy, Happy, Happy

Why am I so happy? Because my daughter and I just came back from shopping. We didn't go anywhere exciting, just the supermarket, but we had fun. Also, we got flowers! Wanna see?

Here's one of the topiary gardenias. I bought two of these. The plastic pots they came in will soon be history because Mr. Willoughby and I will be making planter boxes for them this weekend (I'll be blogging each step of the process in case you want to make some, too). My plan is to have them flanking the back porch steps. It was a challenge driving home with these beauties. I drive an SUV and they were too tall to put in the back without laying them down. Instead I put them behind the driver's seat. They started to tip over onto my daughter (she couldn't reach far enough to hold them up with her seat belt on) so I had to drive all the way home from the store with one hand behind my back holding them upright.

And I couldn't pass up this sweet deal. Ten tulips for $1.33! I bought a pink bunch and a purple bunch and put them in the new pitcher I got at the flea market on Sunday.

The stems are a little limp, but they still look pretty sitting on a glass top table next to my fish votive holder. He's from the flea market, too. I got him last year. He's made of iron and weighs about 5 pounds. Here's a closer look.

He has an opening on his underside where you can insert a candle. The wind blows it out pretty easily, but on calm nights he looks really cool. We spend most of our time on the back porch when the weather is nice and I love having flowers and candles all over the place. I'll give you a tour in an upcoming blog.
Happy, happy, happy!


5thsister said...

A perfect use for your water pitcher. They look lovely! Also I love the fish...I want the fish...I covet the fish! LOL! He's cute. I can't wait to read about the gardenias as I heard they can be quite difficult.

PurpleHoodieChick said...

Aww. pretty pretty! I missed out on an adventure to Kroger? aww man! I miss you and mallory! And its only been two days! lol. Dont worry though ill probably be over tomorrow!=]

Tattoos and Teething Rings said...

I, too, want the fish!!

Purple Flowers said...

I love that fish; he's adorable. And the topiary's - just make sure you keep them watered. The soil should be moist through to the bottom, but not soaked. That will rot it.
Hint for those pretty tulips. Snip the bottoms on a slant, and that creates a better way for them to soak in the water.
Enjoy all your goodies!!! :)

Lissaloo said...

The flowers look so pretty in your new vase! :) Can't wait to see the planter boxes :)

Raoulysgirl said...

I so wish that I had a green thumb...I do NOT!!! My sister, however, does...and enjoys playing in the dirt. Guess who comes across the street and sweetly cares for my flowers??? MY SISTER!!! She even did it when we didn't live so close...but it's much easier for her now...and keeps my yard pretty, too!!!

Donna-FFW said...

All the flowers look so pretty.. great bargains too. I just bought a hibiscus tree yesterday, they are my favorite.. so pretty.

thamesarino said...

yay for spring!
I LOVE flowers and gardening.. in fact we just got our whole veggie garden done...sooo exciting!
I also think the fish is awesome!
I'm really interested in the planter boxes... good luck! : )