Monday, March 9, 2009

More Great Blogs, My Kitchen and One More Thing

More Great Blogs

As some of you may recall, I posted a challenge to find some new blogs to share. While I have been anxiously awaiting the results from the rest of you, I found a few more myself. Here they are:

Check them out when you have a minute, I'm sure you'll enjoy them. I'm anxiously awaiting the day our local flea market opens for the season, and looking at the pictures of the flea market finds and vintage items on these blogs has me counting the days.

My Kitchen

When I looked at the "after" picture of 5th Sister's kitchen, I laughed out loud! She and I now have almost the exact same paint color in our kitchens. Anyone else have a yellow kitchen?

The actual color is deeper than it looks in this picture. There was quite a bit of reflection from the flash on the cooktop (you can actually see the light flares on the wall above the cooktop). And, no, my kitchen isn't really this tiny. That's just the cooking area.

One More Thing

Just in case I haven't given you enough opportunities to laugh at me lately, here's one more.

The last person out of the house this morning didn't completely shut the front door (might have been me, might not have, I'm not saying!). It's very windy here today so when I came home
from taking the kids to school and going to the supermarket, the door was wide open. No one came in and stole any of my priceless treasures, but now I'm afraid to go upstairs because I'm worried that a squirrel could have gotten into the house. They're always hanging around my front porch or running around my yard so they must have seen the door open. I haven't heard anything upstairs and I haven't found any tiny, dirty pawprints in the house, but I keep imagining that there is a furry little rodent sleeping on one of our beds or hiding behind the bathroom door waiting to jump out at me. Anyone remember the raccoon scene in the "Money Pit"?

Wish me luck!


5thsister said...

The Catholic in me has been loving He takes the daily Mass readings and reflects upon them. He, like me, is a convert to Catholicism so I do enjoy his daily posts immensely.

Gracey said...

I have yet to respond to your challenge and make a post about it, but I can now tell you about a hilarious blog I found! It is called "the Pulshiper Predilections" and Kristina, the "mom", writes in an amazingly entertaining way. Here it is:

Lissaloo said...

Your cabinets are beautiful! And Flea Markets are THE BEST place to shop! As for the squirrel I am totally with you, they are in the rodent family therefore freaky creature, thanks for the laugh :)

5thsister said...

Wow...a beautiful kitchen! Some day my appliances will match, too! LOL.

ChristineM said...

Oh, what a great idea for a blog...I'm looking forward to our local ourdoor flea markets opening - usually in April or so. And don't feel bad - I always flashback to "Christmas Vacation" when we bring our Christmas tree in the house....I KNOW there'll be a squirrel in there one of these years! ;)

Willoughby said...

Thank you all for the nice comments about my kitchen and for the new blogs to check out. Also, I'm pleased to report that there is no squirrel in the house!!

5th - As for matching appliances, we made the stupid mistake of getting a white refrigerator. The black one just looked so huge I couldn't bring myself to buy it. Now I wish I had. The white looks out of place to me. Your kitchen is beautiful, I didn't even notice that the appliances didn't match.

Christine - I forgot about that scene! Too funny!

ChristineM said...

Oh, here's another food blog I keep finding myself drawn to -

I came across it a while back when I was googling bagel recipes (trying to find a healthy one!) and she really does a nice job!

Tattoos and Teething Rings said...

I have a "Tuscan yellow" kitchen, the previous owners had painted it to look old. I love my kitchen overall, but I do wish that my appliances weren't white and that I had a dishwasher!

Gracey said...

Btw, your kitchen looks amazing. I am glad there are no squirrels to report, LOL! I myself have a HUGE fear for mice, but strangely I love squirrels! Weird, huh?

Donna-FFW said...

You are too funny.. Your kitchen is just lovely. I , like you, never remember if I was the one who left the door open or not.. my excuse is thatI am 40. Does that count?

Katie said...

My kitchen used to be yellow but I went and painted it a deep yet light blue to go with the rest of the house. I wish I would have kept it yellow!

Love the new blogs you suggested, oh how I wish the rooms in my home looked like the ones on the Sounthern Hospitality blog.