Friday, March 13, 2009

Not So Hip

I've always thought I was a pretty cool mom. I listen to current music, I play video games (the Wii and Nintendo 64, but those are cool, right?), I'm somewhat computer literate, I know what fashions are popular and I understand text speak abbreviations (lol, omg, brb), so I must be pretty hip. Or so I thought. This morning, my son broke the news to me that I'm not entirely up to date.

His car is in the repair shop (yep, the one we just bought him) so I'll need to pick him up from school after track practice today. Here's how the conversation that ended my illusion of "Cool Mom" went:

"Call me after practice is over and I'll come and pick you

"I forgot to charge my cell phone last night, but if it's dead, I'm sure I
can borrow someone else's phone."

"Or you could use the pay phone at school. Do you have some
change with you?"

There was no verbal response for a minute, only laughter.

"Pay phone? Mom, they don't have pay phones in school."

"They don't?"

"No, not since 1985!"

"Well, I graduated from high school in 1986 and we had pay phones in the

"Ok, well, since the invention of cell phones they have not had pay
phones in school."

This was followed by more laughter. Have I really gotten so out of touch that I missed the passing of pay phones? Cell phones are not new to me, I've had one for years. We don't even have a home phone anymore because we weren't using it. But I still thought the schools had pay phones. They don't allow the kids to use their cell phones during the school day so I thought they kept the pay phones.

I've been thinking about it since he left, and remembering all the not-so-hip things people said to me when I was a teenager. The things that made me laugh.

  • Like the time I was babysitting for a neighbor. Before they left, the baby's grandfather asked me "Whatever happened to that singer called Blondie? She could really rock and roll." He was in his 60's and it sounded so out of touch. Blondie hadn't had a hit in 5 or 6 years at the time.
  • Or the time one of my high school teachers was singing "Raspberry Beret" while we were doing our classwork.
  • Or the time my grandpa asked my brother about the Emerson, Lake and Palmer t-shirt he was wearing. "Where is Emerson Lake?" he wanted to know.
  • Or the time a friend's mom referred to jeans as dungarees.
  • Or the time my grandma wanted to know who Alice Cooper was and if "she" was a good singer.

Have I become one of these people? Does it matter that I thought the Jonas Brothers Band was a Disney show and not a real band? Should I worry that I still haven't figured out the difference between goth and emo? And what about the time my son told me he was going to buy a beanie (a knit hat) and I asked him why he wanted a beanie baby? Is it ok that I still like to talk like Snoop Dog once in a while even though it's not cool anymore?


~Note~ I'll be back later with a Friday Night Drink Demo! See you then!


thamesarino said...

: )
how uncool am I? Let me count the ways!
my daughter reminds me all the time that I just don't get it!
I think it's hilarious how as I grow older the age that someone is "old" keeps changing...
I don't feel old..I feel super young still, but I guess that's what teenagers jobs are.. to remind us that we just aren't THAT young anymore! : )
I'm ok with it... but everyonce in awhile it still catches me off guard! : )

L.B. said...

I was reminded yesterday of how out-of-touch I am. My daughter was sick and didn't go to school (she's better today and at school). I got a call at about 4 or so about my daughter's absence. I guess sending a note to clear the absence isn't how it's done any more (at least not here). We're supposed to call the school. They were going to put her on the truancy list! And she's 5!

Raoulysgirl said...

The payphone's death was kept oddly it was some sort of conspiracy to keep us who murdered him from feeling the guilt! I just turned 29 and have kept up pretty well with sister (who is 10 yrs older) often calls me to ask "do they really DO that?" often. However, it is becoming increasingly clearer that I am "old" least by the standards of my neice and nephew (19 and 14). My Squirrel is still blissfully unaware of how tragically old and uncool her mommy is...FOR NOW!!! LOL!

Willoughby said...

I got a call telling me my son wasn't in school once, but then they discovered the teacher had accidentally marked him absent. The call came at the end of the day (like yours) and I was steaming mad! If my child doesn't show up for school and I didn't call to tell you he would be absent, something could be terribly wrong! I complained!

L.B. said...

At the LB house, we are so old and uncool that we still have a VCR hooked up! It's in our bedroom though so the girls don't watch it or anything, but one day they'll grab a VCR tape and they'll be like "What the @&*# is that?"

Gracey said...

I am 24, and I don't have kids to remind me otherwise, so I think of myself as pretty "young and hip" most of the time. BUT, I still feel old and pathetic every time I talk with my brother (15)! Sometimes, even with my sister. She is 20, but she tells me I am sooo retro!

Tattoos and Teething Rings said...

Ugh, I recently turned 30, which my lovely 8 year old loves to tell people. And she's just now starting to realize that I'm not as cool and all-knowing as she once believed...

5thsister said...

Well, I'm older than dirt: I have Blondie on my MP3, I don't wear jeans that show my panties or other nether regions, I actually wear panties (thongs chafe me), my makeup is such that it doesn't appear I have "racoon eyes", and I still like to tuck my shirts in! Yep...I'm a geezer!

Lissaloo said...

To funny :) It's to hard to stay hip, or is that the wrong word now?? LOL

PurpleHoodieChick said...

Haha, i was there. I took part in the laughter as well. Buts its okay. Your cool to me!

honeypiehorse said...

But come on, Blondie was really cool.