Thursday, September 10, 2009

Because You Asked

It never occurred to me to explain what outhouse races are when I posted my last blog. I do wonder what some of you might have thought they were! What they really are is quite simple; races using outhouses on wheels. Each team consists of four members, one rides in the "outhouse" and steers it while the other three push or pull it to the finish line. Here's a picture from a past festival. Sorry it's in black and white, it's from the newspaper.

Can you tell I live in a small town? If you're interested in seeing them for yourself, the races will take place on Main Street at 6:30 on Friday evening. Stop by for a drink afterward, just don't block my driveway!


Lissaloo said...

lol, that looks hilarious!
I will come help you guard the
pool, k? ;)

Chicago Mom said...

I was picturing people dragging those plastic port-a-potty things around or something! I'm glad I was wrong - the picture is too cute! I love that there is a driver in the seat! lol

thamesarino said...

Thank You!! I really had no idea what they were...
the picture is funny! : )
(I tried to leave a message last night but I couldn't pull up comments for anyone?)
I wish I could come by and have a drink... but alas no drinking for me for awhile... you'll have to have an extra for me tonight ok? : )

Donna-FFW said...

oh how fun does this sound.. Id love to visit your town. But it woould have to be fri night when the willoughby bar is open;)