Thursday, September 24, 2009

Stumbling Through Cyberspace

I know you've done this. You sit down at the computer to search for something and an hour or more later you're looking at something completely different. Sometimes you never even find the information you were searching for in the first place.

It usually happens something like this. In a passing conversation the topic of leap years comes up. You think to yourself "I wonder when the last leap year was? I should Google that." A few weeks go by and then it pops into your mind out of nowhere. You go to your computer, pull up Google and search "leap years".

A sight catches your eye that has ideas for fun ways to celebrate leap year. One of the suggestions is baking leap year cookies, so you click on the recipe which takes you to a cooking website. You scroll down to read the comments posted beneath the recipe when you spot a recommendation for a great home and garden website that has more cookie recipes.

You wander over to that website and get interested in an article about current trends in window treatments. Realising that your own window treatments are hopelessly outdated by at least six months or so, you start searching "easy no-sew valances". The instructions tell you that you'll need fusible webbing, which you don't have, so you decide that buying pre-made valances will be a better option and start perusing online drapery websites.

You find something that would look perfect in your kitchen, but the fabric will clash with your current paint color. You wonder if should repaint the kitchen and decide a new color might change your whole outlook on life. Twenty minutes later you find yourself at the hardware store looking at paint swatches when you come across a lovely shade of green called "Lilly Pad". The name makes you think of frogs, who travel from lily pad to lily pad by leaping, which makes you think of leap year. And then you think to yourself, "When is the next leap year? I should Google that."


~Thank you for all the get well wishes. I will refrain from being overly graphic, but I basically have a viral skin infection on the bottom of my foot. I have medication for it and it is healing slowly but surely. ~


Chicago Mom said...

Thank goodness for the medicine for your foot and that it is healing, I hope you aren't in any pain.

I also find myself on a completely unrelated topic when I go to Google! LOL

5thsister said...

LOL! You just described my life! Not only in cyberspace but in the real world as well. For example, just this morning I was looking in the pantry for ideas for dinner when I realized what a mess the pantry was. I went about organizing said pantry when I found an item that belongs elsewhere. I go to place that item in it's proper drawer. I opened said drawer and THAT's where my MP3 player was hiding. Darn. It's out of batteries so I connect it to my computer to charge and to update with the podcasts I am suscribed to. I see a recommendation of a band I hadn't heard of so I google the band and search their music library. By this time I've already wasted an hour and a half of which I could have used schooling my son. Fortunately, we finished school by 2pm so all was not a lost.

Lissaloo said...

I am so glad your foot is healing : )
Your post had me laughing so hard, it's sounds like my everyday computer use. Sometimes there is TOO much info on here :)

Lissaloo said...

In fact I sat down here 45 min ago to look up directions somewhere, and am still here. I am actually suppose to be at the grocery store lol :)

ChristineM said...

Hope your foot heals quickly!

And yes, I do the same thing! One thing always leads to another!

***Holly*** said...

I just clicked on your Facebook Badge and it goes to a Facebook page that says Page Requested Not Found. :/

thamesarino said...

: )
2008, btw... because Al and I got married on leap day 2004, so I always know when it is a leap year now! : )
and YES!, that happens to me all the time... almost everytime in fact and often I don't even get to where I was headed in the first place either!

Purple Flowers said...

I'm glad you have the medicine for your foot to make you heal up!

Tattoos and Teething Rings said...

I wander through the internet all the time! And both my kids were born in leap years, so I always know when they are (they are also election years and olympic years).