Monday, September 28, 2009

You're Invited

Over the past week, I've seen several bloggers post about increasing their readership. It does seem to be something we all think about. I know I get downright giddy when I get a new follower. Not because I hope to get rich and famous by writing a blog, I just enjoy expanding my circle of blog friends. I also get excited when I find a new blog that I enjoy reading.

So here's what I'm thinking about. I'd like to extend an invitation to all of my blog followers to be a guest on my blog. Instead of just posting links, I would like to put an entire post (or just an excerpt if you prefer) of yours on my blog to share with my readers. It can be a new post, or a favorite from a while ago. Of course, I have no way of importing your background and other elements of your page, but I will also include a link to your blog in it's usual home. You will be under no obligation to include one of my posts on your blog.

I want to give my blog friends a chance to mingle and maybe make some new friends in the process. Think of it like an online version of a cocktail party. I know we all have some friends in common, but I'm sure we all have some that aren't shared, as well. You may find some new blogs to follow and pick up a few new followers.

Purple Hoodie Chick was kind enough to be my first guest blogger. Here is a recent post from her blog:

Five Words

So, Willoughby had a game on her blog and I wanted to play along. The way it is played is she gives me five words and I have to explain what those words mean to me. My first word is:

Open: Hmmm, way to give me a hard Well, this might sound a bit strange but the first thing that comes to mind when I think open is "Open says a me" or is it spelled sesame? And I picture a OPEN sign that would normally be in a store window. Open also makes me think of opening up to people or expressing yourself. Which isn't really me. I usually keep to myself until I get to know someone.

Beautiful: The first thing that popped into my head was fall and summer. I think they are so beautiful. During fall the leaves are changing beautiful colors and the temperature is nice. Or summer when the sun is out, the grass is as green as ever, the sky is almost cloudless.

Fair: My mind automatically went to carnival food. I'm always thinking of food. But the fair is where I get funnel cakes, cotton candy, those icee things and elephant ears! It also reminds me of when I was little and went to the fair with my mom. We would go on a ride called the Gravitron. It was shaped like a UFO and you would lean against the wall while it spun and the gravity would force you against it. We would also go on the Tilt-A-Whirl. We could get that thing spinning so fast! Sometimes I miss being younger.

Water: I love it. I love drinking water. It's the most refreshing thing you could drink. I don't understand how some people don't like it. I also love swimming. I guess you could say I should probably be a fish. If I could live in water I probably would. I also love when it rains. Theres just something about it that I like. All this talk about water made me thirsty...

Song: I love music and the word "song" makes me think of how I tend to get a different favorite every day. Today it is Starstruckk by 3OH!3. Songs are so amazing though. Yesterday I was bowling and I was getting frustrated because I didn't have my ball and the one I was using wasn't working well. So, I listened to my iPod and I ended up with a 137. Music is amazing.

Click here to find Purple Hoodie Chick's blog home.

So what do you think? You can RSVP in my comment section or by sending me an email. Come join the party!


L.B. said...

Awesome idea. You are the queen of awesome ideas!

I would love to RSVP, and will write something original for publication on your fine blog.

You can message me on facebook or just email me or whatever if you need to get ahold of me :)

Heidi said...

What a fun idea! Next week I'm be posting your "go-to" meal on Part 2(remember sending me that a LONG time ago! I finally posted Part 1 today). You should put that post on your post...that sounds really confusing!

Tattoos and Teething Rings said...

Great idea, I'm game! Let me know what you would like from me :)

Lissaloo said...

LB is right, you are so the Queen! You are welcome to use my 5 words post. I am lovin this cocktail party already :)

Kathy said...

I would be happy to participate, if you find something interesting enough!

ChristineM said...

I'd love to! I had a few ideas while I was computerless - let's see if I can remember something interesting for you! (And I am working on my 5 words, too!)

Donna-FFW said...

Nice idea.. Id love to participate but wouldnt want to offend with my humor. If youd like I can send a non naughty link post your way, just let me know:)

5thsister said...

Ooooh! Give me a topic and I'll do my best to run with it. What a grand idea!

Liz in Virginia said...

Oooh! Can I join the party?

Liz at

Charisse and Holly said...

You visited my brand spankin new blog today. Thanks so much for coming by. LOVE this idea! I'm such a newbie to all of this that I still don't get the process of it all. So, like the others...just let me know when and how...and I'll be all over it. Thanks again for checking us out and becoming a follower. I'm now a "Follower" too! Have a great day:) Holly at

Purple Flowers said...

Count me in on the 5 word thing.